Sorry for the long pause in postings. My computer was stolen a few weeks ago, and with it I lost all of my writings in progress.
Hopefully I will have something finished soon.



3 thoughts on “Apology

  1. Shalom Eeeto,
    Thank you for the further information on the photo used in Bonni’s article. I will check further into this to find the veracity if possible, of the source. The article you referrenced raises several “red flags” that place its contents in serious doubt (such as calling any referrance to the abomination of islam “blasphemy”). This is a continual problem with all of the false faiths which allow or promote dishonesty; it is almost impossible to know when they are actually telling the truth.
    That said, the photo is of a reprehensible act, no matter who the man is, no matter why he is doing this. This does not change.
    Inappropriate use of a photo for illustrating an article in no way changes the import of the article itself. Were I to write a piece on the use of Kelly Green in festive decorations, and illustrate it with an image of decorations in Emerald Green, or Forrest Green, the article would still be just as valid, and only the photo in question.
    I do not believe that Bonnie intended anyone to think this was an image of something that had just happened, merely an illustration of the point of the article (the inhuman and abominable nature of islam, and the extreme callousness of its adherants).
    Thanks again,

  2. Shalom Rabbi: Thank you for the commentary on voting. It was like a personal letter written to me. I have been struggling with this year’s voting issue more then any other in my life and wondering what to do, particularly since I’ve been taught as a child that voting was a responsibility and a privilege. So I will vote, fulfill my responsibility, and fill in the blank with an arbitrary name. I wouldn’t have thought to ever do that, but G~d is the choice in this election. After all, all authority comes from G~d. He sets men on thrones and over countries…it’s all in His hands, anyway. I don’t know how, but I will get your message out to others. Thank you for taking the time to write and express your concerns. Sharon

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