New Look for the Rabbi’s Pick-up


2 thoughts on “New Look for the Rabbi’s Pick-up

  1. Where’s the arsenal? We could borrow from the Mexican cartel who got a mess of them from Fast and Furious. I don’t think that filling the back of the pickup with Bibles is going to do it. So just what is the purpose of this response vehicle?

    • Shalom,
      The arsenal is on the dash, behind the seat, under the seats and in the door pockets. When it comes to Islam, the only proper response is an armed response.
      The letterring was placed there in humor. Left there out of need to show no fear in the face of an enemy that exhists only to enslave, convert or destroy all others.
      I regularly receive death threats from the followers of Mad Man Mo. They need to be aware that this Rabbi shoots back.

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