Romney for President; a Masterful Assault Against the People of the Lord

Four years ago, there were few among the people of the Lord who would have even considered the possibility of voting for Mitt Romney.  He has a questionable record on just about every issue and from his speeches and voting record, gives every indication of being a “tell-them-what-they-want-to-hear” politician of stunning flexibility and little integrity.  Even his now famous statement on socialized health care; that it is OK on the state level, but not on the national level, buckles so swiftly under the slightest scrutiny that only the closet socialists would dare to support him.  As such, there was virtually no chance at all of someone as repugnant to conservative voters as Mr. Romney winning, or even coming in a close second, in the election of 2008 as a candidate for the nominally conservative but notoriously moderate Republican Party.

Enter Mr. Obama, the most vile, anti-American individual to ever sit in the Oval Office. With no established evidence of even being eligible for the position, Mr. Obama has wasted no opportunity to wreck havoc on this nation.  He has subverted the constitution through unlawful executive orders, committed numerous acts of outright treason (while bragging openly about them), and made a constant and disgraceful show of non-stop apology, appeasement and assistance to the sworn and dedicated enemies of this nation and the Lord world-wide.  This came as no surprise; it was exactly what the majority of Obama’s supporters wanted from their candidate.

The people of the Lord, those who should know better, stumble.  Out of fear of what another Obama presidency might do to this once great nation, many have lost track of everything that is important.  Some are so concerned with fighting AGAINST Obama, that they have ceased to fight FOR anything.  By placing someone in office who is so abhorrent that even some of the enemy’s dedicated followers are distancing themselves from him, the enemy has been able to win a far greater prize; getting the people of the Lord to turn away from the Lord and give their support to the “lesser of two evils”.  A vote for a “lesser” evil is still a vote FOR evil.  You can not serve the Lord while actively supporting evil; it is impossible.  It is not what you fight against that shows who and what you are, but what you fight for.

By removing every candidate who showed even a slight evidence of conservative leaning through non-stop attacks, slander and media assault, the adversary has placed the people of the Lord in what many of them see as a no-win situation. They see their choices as vote for an abhorrent enemy of the nation and the Lord who is striving with every ounce of his strength to destroy this nation, or vote for a weak, moderate, man of no integrity or consistency who actively and admittedly is not a follower of the Lord and is most likely to lead this nation down whatever path seems most expedient to him at the time without regard for consequences.

This two choice scenario, horrendous or not-quite-as-bad, is a LIE.  The Lord never leaves his people without an appropriate choice.  You do not have to support evil.

In previous elections, while the candidates on the adversary’s side have been abhorrent, they did not evoke sufficient fear in the people of the Lord to convince them to “jump ship” and vote against the Lord in large numbers.  When Clinton was elected, and re-elected, it was the enemies of the Lord who put him into office, when Obama was elected, it was the enemies of the Lord who voted for him.  This time, if Obama is re-elected, it will still be the enemies of the Lord who are responsible.  If, however, Romney is elected, it will be because those who at one time called themselves the people of the Lord, turned their backs on the Lord by voting “against” Obama instead of voting for the Lord. This is a masterpiece of the Adversary’s work; driving the people of the Lord away from the Lord.  From the Adversary’s point of view, this is a massive victory.  All of those who for years, even decades, held fast to the Lord and to their integrity, will have thrown both away for the sake of an election.

It is all smoke and mirrors, and like any of the most effective lies, it is primarily a distraction; getting Obama out of office is what is important, not your service to and relationship with the Lord.  The Adversary doesn’t have to convince you to be a satanist, or a mormon, or a muslim, it doesn’t matter to the Adversary whether you are a drug addict, a pedophile, a homosexual, a murderer or just someone who sits by and lets these things happen.  All the Adversary has to do is convince you to stop being a servant of the Lord; convince you to do anything other than be a servant of the Lord.  Whatever it is, once you choose “not of the Lord”, then you are not of the Lord.  Between Obama and Ronmey, the entire spectrum of “not of the Lord” is there for the choosing.  That is the choice in this election.  Will you choose the Lord?…  or…?

Once again we are hearing the false argument that a vote for anyone other than Romney is the same as voting for Obama.  Such rubbish has, in times past, swayed few. Probably the best evidence for the fallacy of this argument is that it is used equally against both sides.  Try it this way: a vote for anyone other than Obama is a vote for Romney.  It is still just as true, still just as false.

This time tested lie that if you do not support one candidate, you are really supporting the other is once again being used as a sledgehammer against the people of the Lord in an attempt to get them to throw away their integrity, their honor and their relationship with the Lord by actively lending their support to an enemy of the Lord.  The Adversary does not care about the damage done to this nation, the Adversary will throw Obama away in an instant should it serve his purposes, the Adversary has his sights on the big prize; the hearts and minds of the people of the Lord.

The Messiah said “For what is a man profited, if he should gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”. In this election, we can similarly ask “For what is a man profited, if he should win an election, and lose his own soul?”

I loathe what the Obama administration is doing to this country.  I will not throw away my relationship with the Lord to achieve Obama’s removal.

I ask you, as Joshua asked the Israelites so many years ago, I beg you, to Choose you this day whom you will serve.  I serve the Lord, and I can not do that by supporting an enemy of the Lord, even if it would be for the purpose of defeating what many see as a “greater” enemy of the Lord.  The Messiah said “He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.”

Write in a candidate, vote for yourself, vote for your Pastor, your Rabbi, your spouse, but whatever you do, do it with integrity… do it with the Lord.  The Lord took his people through the midst of the Red Sea on dry land, the Lord held his people safe through the fires of the furnace, the Lord can and will carry his people through this as well, no matter how bad it gets, but only if we remain the people of the Lord.  If you are a servant of the Lord, then act like it instead of cowering in fear before the onslaught of the enemy.  If you have faith in the Lord, then act like it and show that faith in the Lord.  If you love the Lord, then do not throw your relationship with the Lord away for the sake of an election.

Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, fear of anything else can only be the beginning of folly.

If Obama is re-elected, I will know that one of the last to bastions of freedom in the world will be at risk of being lost, if Romney is elected, I will know that it already has been, because those to whom the task fell to restore this land, turned their backs on the Lord when trouble came.