What is reconciliation?

Question: What is reconciliation?

Answer: One of the definitions found in the dictionary for reconciliation is “the reestablishment of cordial relations”, I tend to prefer the “fixing what is wrong within a relationship” as it more clearly conveys what is going on within the process of reconciliation, and is easier for children to understand.

In the beginning, before the whole serpent-tree-disobedience-thing, there was a perfect relationship between the Lord, mankind, and the rest of creation.  The balance of this perfect relationship, with mankind in fellowship with the creator and stewardship over creation, and creation providing for mankind, was broken by man.  The entirety of Scripture is about reconciliation, fixing and restoring that perfect relationship between the Lord, mankind, and the rest of creation.

When reconciliation is brought up within a sermon, it is usually referring to solely the reconciliation between a man, or mankind in general, and the Lord.  The Law and the rest of Scripture deals not only with this narrow slice of reconciliation, but with reconciliation in all of its beauty and wonder; the reconciliation of all of creation back unto the Lord, as well as reconciliation between mankind and the rest of creation, and even reconciliation between man and his fellow man.

The Law illustrates the mechanics behind reconciliation, while the historical narrative illustrates how various components of reconciliation have played out in the lives of the characters portrayed as well as illustrating mankind’s progress as a whole along the pathway to complete reconciliation between the Lord, mankind and the rest of creation.